Léa Jones
New England Family Photographer

Family Session FAQ


You have booked a session, and now you are not quite sure if you are excited or nervous.  This will help set you at ease with the expectations of a family lifestyle session with me.
We are all nervous about standing in front of a camera, we are all aware of our imperfections but the goal of a family session is to portray the love and the joy and quirkiness of each family.  I want capture the connection & interactions.  Life is busy and I believe we must stop and  take the time to document the joy of being together.  In years to come you will so happy to have the giggles, the hugs and the laughter of your little and not so little kids recorded.
It’s not about capturing a perfectly “posed-everyone-looking-at-the-camera” photo, but about capturing what makes your family special.

I just want to address the where, when and how of a session.

1. Where

After you have booked  session, we will communicate on the best location.    There are few factors that come into play when choosing a location, but the most important factor for any photographer is light.  So depending on the time, I will suggest a location, but i am always open to suggestions and ideas.  You may have a favourite spot that will have amazing light.  If it is a new location for me, I will need to be able to check the location out before we shoot.  We will communication via email aout his once the session is booked.
I also love to shoot in your home.  It feels intimate and cozy and the kids are in their natural environment.

2. When

When I am shooting outdoors, I love to shoot just before sunset or just after sunrise. The light is soft and flatters everyone in the family, generally a couple of hours before sunset or after sunrise are best. Families with younger kids may choose to give their kids a nap before the session. I usually advice that you don’t plan to have too many activities that day.  Overtired kids can be stressful for mom, and I want everyone to have an enjoyable time.

If your preference is for an in home session, we can plan to shoot during the day.  Midday is usually best.  Of course I am happy to work around nap times.

3. What do I wear

First and foremost I want you to wear something you feel comfortable and beautiful in: I may ask you to sit on the floor, hug your kids and play, so being comfortable is important.  Often a long flowy dress is easiest for mom.  I find that coordinating your clothes rather that matching them gives a lovely feel to the session..  Here is some Pinterest Inspiration if you need some.

4. How

I will meet you at one of the beautiful locations we have decided on.  I will spend  a little bit of time introducing myself  and getting to know you and the children.  I will probably focus in on the kids because I want to make sure they feel comfortable with me.  You may want to tell your children that we are meeting a friend who will take photos of them, I prefer that they are ready rather than surprised.  You may show them my About page with a photo of me or my Instagram feed so that they see that I am just a mom with kids like everyone else.
Feel free to bring some mess-free snacks, some water  and they favorite teddy bear.  I don’t use props, except for a blanket for sitting on the ground, but If a child wants to bring their lovey, I think it works well within a lifestyle session.

I will direct you during the session which means I will place you in the best light and help you interact with each other so that we can get the most genuine expressions from everyone involved. I will help you to feel comfortable and enjoy the process.  Don’t worry about your children,  they may want to explore and play, these are great opportunities for beautiful photos.  I will direct you, the parents to just be with your children and enjoy them.  I will direct you to pick them up, hold them, hug them or kiss them.   I want it to be a natural process that will create honest photos.

Please arrive on time and be ready.  Sessions are scheduled  according to sunlight, so it is ikmportantfor us to start on time.

I am looking forward to capturing your family.