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A few film frames at Martha’s Vineyard

I got a couple of rolls film back, and I just want to share a few faves.  (portra 400). an di am pretty pleased with this double exposure.




Little girls in Paris

they let me take photos of their beautiful family in Paris.  These were all shot on film.





just a favorite from my last batch of scans

(Agfa Vista, 35mm, Alpine Film Lab)


three kids, one roll, once a month. Aberffraw, North Wales.

Every summer, we get to visit Nana in North Wales. Our favorite beach is in a village called Aberffraw.  I am usually not very keen on bringing my camera to the beach, I worry about getting sand in the lenses or that my gear will get stolen while I am swimming.   I love this beach so much that I decided to bring my cheap 35mm SLR.   I do not regret bringing it, I regret not taking more photos though 🙂

I am happy I documented one of the children’s favorite places ever.  It was windy and the waves were nice and big!  The 20mn walk down to the beach, with the river, village and boats on one side and the sand dunes on the other side is dreamy.  I love the Snowdonia mountains in the back ground. Everything about this place is perfect.

I love that I am still part of this group of mamas taking photos of their  children every month.  This roll does not contain that many photos of the kids, I did manage one of each of them and a group photo!   Hopefully next time I will get real portraits of my kids.  Maybe a black and white roll. I need to overcome my fear of black and white!

Please follow this blog circle and visit Jen Golay’s blog.  She is the wonderful lady who started this project and invited us in.


oneroll-001 oneroll-003 oneroll-004 oneroll-005 oneroll-006 oneroll-007 oneroll-009 oneroll-010 oneroll-011 oneroll-012 oneroll-013 oneroll-014 oneroll-017

This was shot on Kodak 400 (expired) on my pentax 35mm. developed and scanned by the FIND lab.

Thank you for looking,



The South Stack Lighthouse, North Wales

We visited one of our favorite places just before sunset.  I brought a roll of film with me.  It was windy, misty and rainy, but I loved it all the more.



N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-040 N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-039 N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-038lighthouse N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-036N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-040N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-044N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-033N_Wales_lighthouse_portra-046

These were shot on portra 400, on my medium format camera pentax 645N, scanned and developed by THEFINDLAB



three kids, one roll, once a month. Hike & castle visit.

This month I want to share a hike that the kids and I went on while we were in France.   This village is just about 10 mn from our house and we set of and hike uphill for ore than 2 hours, we were happy to be going downhill after that.  We visited a 1000 year old Castle on the way back, it is called “Chateau de Rochebaron”.  The views were amazing.  We found wild strawberries.  They were delicious, and a lovely treat on hot day.  We also found some mint that we brought home to make mint tea.

I shot this with an expired roll of kodak 400 and my 35mm Pentax.



LéaJones-067 LéaJones-068 LéaJones-072LéaJones-074 LéaJones-075LéaJones-073LéaJones-076LéaJones-077LéaJones-078LéaJones-080LéaJones-086LéaJones-092LéaJones-093rochebaron3rochebaron2LéaJones-097LéaJones-098LéaJones-095rochebaron4LéaJones-094Rochebaron5It was such a wonderful day for all of us.
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in the river. France.

LéaJones-006-3the kids cooling down during  a heat wave in the south of France.  I used to swim in this river when was a kid. (pentax645n + portra 400 + the FIND lab)

A lake outing. Three kids, one roll, once a month.

I didn’t manage to get this post up for the monthly blog circle, but I am posting them now.  I finally made it to Macdonald, which is the only location with half decent internet, here in my French mountains.

I shot this roll back in New-England in May.  It’s roll of Ektar on my pentax 645n.  I love Ektar.  It’s known for giving reddish skin tones when you slight overexpose, but I didn’t mind the slight red tint, it gives the kids more of a sun kissed look.

We took a trip to the lake, and had it to ourselves as the water was still pretty fresh in May, then we headed to a lovely place on top of a hill for some ice cream and fries.



ektar-7 ektar-5 ektar-4 ektar-3 ektar-2 ektar-1  ektar-11 ektar-10 ektar-9 ektar-8 ektar-6thank you for looking!






Blues and Reds from Rockport, Massachusetts

A few hours in this lovely town was all I needed to come home with some colorful photos.   I loved getting the scans back from the FINDlab ans seeing all these colors together.   Shot on my 35mm Vivitar SLR and Portra 400 (Helios 44-2 lens).leajones- leajones-0 leajones-2  leajones-14 leajones-3leajones-18 leajones-19 leajones-23 leajones-24 leajones-29 leajones-31 leajones-33 leajones-34 leajones-35 leajones-36 leajones-37400. (Helios 44-2 lens).


Maine coast. Lighthouse & fishing port.

a few weeks ago I went skiing up north, and I couldn’t help a stop on the coast in Maine: to take photos and to eat lobster!

I just received my scans back and I love them.  The New-England grays and blues and the snowy white look so good on film.

shot with my 35mm Slr and helios 44-2 lens | portra 400 | scanned and developed by the FIND Lab.


Maine- Maine--14 Maine--13 Maine--12 Maine--11 Maine--10 Maine--9 Maine--8 Maine--6 Maine--5 Maine--4 Maine--3 Maine--2

One kid, one roll, once a month. Making carrot cake.

I was not feeling very inspired this month, but was itching to shoot some squares, so yesterday I picked up my Yashica mat 124 and shot a roll of ultra fine 400.  developed it this afternoon, got my chemicals mixed up, but most of them still turned out  and I just scanned them 😉

It is not my best month, but I still wanted to share them.  My daughter Noa loves to work in the kitchen and loves to cook.  The cake was delicious, and she knows carrot cake is my favorite. She was doing a practice run for my birthday.  Grating a pound of carrots was so much work. She learned a few things and I will have the most perfect cake next month on my birthday.  I didn’t get a photo of the cake because she finished late at night.

so I am just sharing a few squares, and please go around the film circle of mamas doing one kid, one roll, once a month.  It’s so fun to see everyone’s take on it.

(please excuse the dust on the photos, I haven’t had much time with my parents visiting this week, I have just spend 1 hours removing dust and I am done).


noa-152015280noa-152015279noa-152015284 noa-152015281

noa-152015277 noa-152015276



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thank you so much for this project Jen Golay from Mydailylife photography for this great project!




3 kids, one pup, once a month – february

Yes, it’s time for our second installment of the one kid, one roll, once a month project.  I loved going through the blog circle last month and enjoyed everyone’s beautiful work.

This month I used a new film called Ultrafine extreme 400.  It’s a cheaper film that is sold on amazon, and I’ll be honest I really love it.  It’s not grainy at all ( I do love grain though) and I loved the tones.  I developed it in D76.  I pushed it one stop.  Of course I am not sure if I did it right and it required my math skills, which are not very good.  I think that I developed it for 12 or 13mn instead of 10, I wish I had written it down now.  I was happy with the result which is all that counts.  the black and white developing charts really scare me and it took me 2 weeks before I actually developed the roll!

I tried to make it fun for the kids so I had them wear a hat.  My second child hates photos and found a good way to utilize the hat.  Agnès the Labradoodle, sat still and was happy with her hat.  She looks quite noble actually, which makes for a nice change from her usual scruffy  looks.

These were taken with my Pentax 645n + 75mm non AF.

I usually like really contrasty black and whites, but the softness of these appealed to me.

leajones-152015264 leajones-152015267 leajones-152015268 leajones-152015269 leajones-152015270 leajones-152015273 leajones-152015274

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thank you for looking and reading 🙂

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