My name is Léa.

I live in New England. I have always loved art & design, and have found different ways to express it over the years: design, interior design with the renovation of my old farmhouse, and for the last 5-6 years, I have taking photographs.
Being able to create art through a little box is wonderful. I like using different little (and not so little) boxes: Film, Nikon D750, Fujifilm Mirrorless, Old Twin Lens Reflex, a medium format Pentax 645n, a 35mm SLR. I am a firm believer that you can create beautiful photography even with the simplest equipment.

I am French and have lived in a few different parts of the world (France, the Netherlands, the United-Kingdom, the USA).  I  enjoy traveling, even with all three kids in tow.  It’s so fun to watch them observe different cultures, customs and habits. They have favorite foods in each part of the world: Ice cream in the USA, Battenburg cake in the United Kingdom, and croissants in France.

My husband and I live in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and love what life has to offer in New-England.

(photo credit http://ruthbphotography.com)