three kids, one roll, once a month. Aberffraw, North Wales.

Every summer, we get to visit Nana in North Wales. Our favorite beach is in a village called Aberffraw.  I am usually not very keen on bringing my camera to the beach, I worry about getting sand in the lenses or that my gear will get stolen while I am swimming.   I love this beach so much that I decided to bring my cheap 35mm SLR.   I do not regret bringing it, I regret not taking more photos though 🙂

I am happy I documented one of the children’s favorite places ever.  It was windy and the waves were nice and big!  The 20mn walk down to the beach, with the river, village and boats on one side and the sand dunes on the other side is dreamy.  I love the Snowdonia mountains in the back ground. Everything about this place is perfect.

I love that I am still part of this group of mamas taking photos of their  children every month.  This roll does not contain that many photos of the kids, I did manage one of each of them and a group photo!   Hopefully next time I will get real portraits of my kids.  Maybe a black and white roll. I need to overcome my fear of black and white!

Please follow this blog circle and visit Jen Golay’s blog.  She is the wonderful lady who started this project and invited us in.


oneroll-001 oneroll-003 oneroll-004 oneroll-005 oneroll-006 oneroll-007 oneroll-009 oneroll-010 oneroll-011 oneroll-012 oneroll-013 oneroll-014 oneroll-017

This was shot on Kodak 400 (expired) on my pentax 35mm. developed and scanned by the FIND lab.

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