Maine coast. Lighthouse & fishing port.

a few weeks ago I went skiing up north, and I couldn’t help a stop on the coast in Maine: to take photos and to eat lobster!

I just received my scans back and I love them.  The New-England grays and blues and the snowy white look so good on film.

shot with my 35mm Slr and helios 44-2 lens | portra 400 | scanned and developed by the FIND Lab.


Maine- Maine--14 Maine--13 Maine--12 Maine--11 Maine--10 Maine--9 Maine--8 Maine--6 Maine--5 Maine--4 Maine--3 Maine--2

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  1. Hi Lea! I am a big fan of your photos. Thank you for sharing your blog. Please keep posting!


    1. thanks so much! I hope to blog more and I’ll share my adventures in Europe this summer.


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