Into Something Better. Getting a Christmas Tree in Sturbridge, MA

It’s time for another installment of our blog circle “into Something Better”.  We are a group of mamas who love to take our kids  outdoors and then detach our lens from our camera (freelens) and take images of our adventure.

This month I want to share about our little trip in the wild to get a christmas tree.  I brought my fairy lights along, because they came in the post that morning I just had to try them out!  It was just a scraggly little christmas tree but the adventure was fun and the outcome was really cute.  I am attached to this little tree now, and it lives in my dining room where we homeschool 🙂
At the end of this post you may follow the circle and admire Kate‘s work who is in Switzerland.

Sleeping In The Forest
by Mary Oliver
I thought the earth remembered me,
She took me back so tenderly
Arranging her skirts
Her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before
A stone on the riverbed,
Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars,
But my thoughts.
And they floated light as moths
Among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
Breathing around me.
The insects and the birds
Who do their work in darkness.
All night I rose and fell,
As if water, grappling with luminous doom.
By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times
Into something better.








and I know this blog circle is about the outdoors but i can’t help sharing what it looks like inside:

Please follow the blog circle and visit Kate‘s beautiful freelensing ( & double  exposure!) work in Switzerland.

have a wonderful Christmas!



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  2. Whaaaaa! I now so need fairy lights! Beautiful images Léa, soft scrumptious tones, you can almost smell the firs. Nikk XX


    1. thank you Nikki! I have been over using my fairy lights ! 🙂


  3. Lea, Oh what an amazingly beautiful adventure! The tones, paired with the beautiful twinkle lights is stunning. I’m always a fan of all you do. xo


  4. Oh, how magical to pick your own tree…even if it is a scraggly one. I love the lights and feel like I have been tree picking with you.


  5. The combination of sparkle plus nature plus happy children is magical. Thank you for sharing these lovely holiday images. xxoo


  6. These are so magical Léa! The way you used those lights and captured the joy on your boys’ faces amongst all that greenery is just beautiful. Looking at these has shifted me into a holiday mood. And I always pick the scraggly trees too – they’re my favorite 🙂


  7. Oh wow! I love your scraggly tree! What a perfect way to infuse magic into the tree searching with those lights. Your indoor images are perfection!!!


  8. So soft and pretty. Love tree hunting!


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