Pumpkin or on the subject of light and color

Wanted to  share a few thoughts on how I create some of my favorite images.

My dad gave this giant pumpkin when he was visiting last week.  Of course Dyllon is in love with it.

Seeing how much he loved it, I decided to do a little photoshoot.  I was heading out to the yard to do a photoshoot on the front lawn because I like the look of our New England home.  As headed I out, I noticed the light on the porch door and I did my shoot just there. Light makes these photos.  my door porch is the ugliest thing around, and i won’t even tell you how much mess there is inside that porch. Light is the number one element of a photo.  I always look for light before anything else.  It pains me to take photos when the light is not interesting.  sometimes you have to, but it is hard.

I also look at colours, and so before heading out I quickly made him change in a color that would work with orange (I think he was wearing red and that would not have worked with the pumpkin), so the nearest blue shirt I could find was just fine.  I usually don’t overdue the clothes, I just try to make the colours work with whatever I have in mind.  Blue of course works great with orange.

The door framed him perfectly .  I always try to put my subject in shape,
and there you have it, one of my favourite series of the fall.

These elements rarely all come together, sometimes I just have light, sometimes just color and sometimes just my composition or framing, I always try to have at least two of these elements, and the main one is light.




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